TEDxIIT: Determining The Theme

On January 25 TEDxIIT held its first meeting of the new year. Among the crowd there were a few familiar faces, but for the most part, everyone who attended was a complete stranger.

The meeting was led by a group of alumni who have participated at previous TEDxIIT events. To break the ice, a combination of toys, string, and colorful paper was laid out onto the table to make the area more inviting. Everyone was asked to write their name on a piece of paper and introduce themselves before the meeting proceeded.

Next, alumna Yoetzin Diaz (ARCH 16) opened the meeting with a presentation of the TEDxIIT history, background, and what makes the event special:

  • It’s the longest-running independently organized TED event in Chicago, now in its eighth consecutive year
  • The one-day event, which is live-streamed world-wide, brings faculty, alumni, and the greater Chicago community together, with hundreds of student volunteers
  • The planning team behind the scene brings alumni and students for networking and collaboration each year; empowering students to grow and develop the soft skills they need to be successful in life

After hours of deliberation the group selected Expression as the TEDxIIT 2018 theme during a second meeting on February 1.

When asked why, the group responded: “Expression comes in many forms. We often associate expression with the arts, but individuals often express themselves through mediums like code or robotics. Expression is about showcasing what is important to you.”

For 2018, TEDxIIT is looking for speakers to share the passion and expression for the things that matter most to them and the community. The speaker nomination form will be posted on the TEDxIIT.com website