TEDxIIT: Establishing The Dream Team

TEDxIIT members met on February 8 to establish the leadership team. Everyone interested in a role on the executive board had to stand up and give a pitch as to why they should have their desired position, after which attendees voted for their favorite candidate and the finalists were subjected to an additional interview by the advisory board.

On February 15 the Executive Board was announced:

  • President: Navneet Goel, computer science graduate student
  • Vice President: Shruti Tirpude, ITM graduate student
  • Vice President of Operations: Darshan Doshi, computer science graduate student
  • Vice President of Communications: Antoine Foggs, ITM undergraduate
  • Treasurer: Sanchith Padmaraj, electrical engineering graduate student
  • Secretary: Samata Katkade ITM graduate student

New members are always welcome. TEDxIIT meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. on the 17th floor of the IIT Tower. Come help us establish a stage where people express themselves. TEDxIIT.com.