TEDxIIT in 2012: “Gaining Momentum”

TEDx is coming back to IIT! Attend the first TEDxIIT meeting at 10 am on Friday, February 3 in MTCC conference room 705.

This year’s TEDxIIT theme is “Gaining Momentum,” following last year’s “Breaking Through.” The meeting will include a briefing on what has been done so far and the action plan for this year.  Come prepared with your interpretation of “gaining momentum” and what kind of speakers would be of interest and relevance to the IIT community.

TEDxIIT is also looking to fill a few more positions within the team (e.g. webmaster, social media publicist).

If you are unable to meet but are still interested in being involved, please contact Info@TEDxIIT.com and let us know in what capacity you are interested in participating.We are grateful for your willingness to help bring TEDx to IIT, and we are looking forward to having a successful event!

Ameena Payne, Organizer
IIT Class of 2013 Business Administration

Amy Lee Segami, Co-Organizer
IIT Alumna BS ME; MS ME;