The Cancer Research Institute’s Lloyd J. Old STAR Program

The Cancer Research Institute is requesting applications for the Lloyd J. Old STAR Program. The CRI Lloyd J. Old STAR Program—Scientists Taking Risks—provides long-term funding to mid-career scientists, offering a degree of freedom and flexibility to pursue high-risk/high-reward research at the forefront of discovery and innovation in cancer immunology.

STAR grants are not tied to a specific research project, but rather support outstanding researchers based on the overall quality and promise of their work. A successful candidate is one that will demonstrate confidence and curiosity to ask difficult immunological questions—forging new understandings and innovation that will drive the field forward. Candidates selected for this award are expected to be future “stars” in the field of cancer immunology.

Eligibility: Candidates must hold a tenure-track faculty appointment as an assistant professor (minimum three years) or as an associate professor (maximum of three years).

Application Deadline: January 15, 2021 | OSRP internal deadline is five days prior to application deadline.

Funding: $1.25 million over five years

Please contact The Office of Sponsored Research with questions at