The Return of the Amelia Earhart Kite Flying Contest

KiteFlyingContest_2015Build your own kite and participate in the return of the Amelia Earhart Kite Flying Contest at Siegel Field (north of S. R. Crown Hall) at noon on Saturday, April 25, 2015. Get creative with your design and materials. The competition is open to current Illinois Institute of Technology students with handmade, handcrafted kites flown by the maker of the kite. One winner will be chosen in each of the following categories:

1. Most Creative (originality of concept, design, and construction)
2. Longest Tail (total length of tail)
3. Best of Show (spectators’ vote)

All competing kites must fly on a minimum of 10 feet of line and for a minimum flight time of two minutes.

In case of inclement weather, or if the winds are too low, the judges may implement the “No Flying Conditions Regulations.” Under these conditions, participant’s kites will be judged without flying.

To register click here.

Contact Denise Moriarty in the Office of Marketing and Communications at 312.567.3206 or with any questions.