Therapy Groups at the Student Health and Wellness Center

The Student Health and Wellness Center is offering up to five new therapy groups for students this semester. Groups can be an excellent way to receive confidential support from each other led by trained professionals, and gain new perspective on the things that are challenging you. All groups are free of charge and no session limits apply.

We hope to begin these groups in mid-February, so our process of recruiting group members will begin immediately. All groups will ideally have 6-8 members. Group times will be determined once student interest is assessed.

If you are interested (even just a bit curious) about any of these groups, please call 312-567-7550 or email Dr. Erica Claman at


1. Understanding Self and Others
This general process group provides a safe and supportive environment for members to share personal experiences, express fears or worries, and discuss their concerns. Group members will gain a deeper awareness of both themselves and their interaction with others through giving and receiving honest feedback and practicing new, healthier ways of relating.

2. Meeting Academic Challenges
This group is designed to help students become more aware of barriers to academic success and gain support as they work toward academic thriving.

3. Building Bridges
This group is for students struggling with social anxiety to challenge their thoughts and practice facing social fears in a safe and supportive environment. Group members will build communication and social skills to help increase their comfort and self-confidence in social or performance situations.

4. Outside In
International students face some common concerns. This group is designed for international students to come together in a supportive and confidential environment to have the opportunity to share and learn from one another. During this group, various topics and concerns that are common to international students will be shared. Some of these topics may include: homesickness, cultural adjustment, feelings of loneliness and relationship problems.

5. Graduate Student Group
This group provides a space to discuss issues that impact graduate students’ happiness and effectiveness. The focus of the group is to promote a wellness perspective in all areas of graduate life. Relationship, academic, family, social and personal conflicts and strengths will be discussed. The goal of the group is to optimize personal and academic success by promoting self-awareness and connection to others.