Three Illinois Tech Student Groups win at TADHack Chicago


TADHack participants pictured at the Idea Center.

Illinois Institute of Technology’s School of Applied Technology recently hosted TADHack at the Idea Center on Mies Campus in Chicago. TADHack welcomed an international community of professional telecom application developers who coded and created using available telecommunication tools and technologies.

More than 100 participants, including several Illinois Tech students, staff and faculty spent all day Saturday (October 3) and half of Sunday (October 4) preparing their hacks to culminate into five-minute “pitches” to demonstrate their final outcomes.

Watch the videos here.

Congratulations to the following Illinois Tech TADHack contest winning students:

IIT RTC Labs: Hack ‘NGPSAP Map Integration’ was presented by Information Technology and Management students, Chaz Granholm, Seth Carpenter, and Bharat Nandakuma. Their presentation utilized Dialogic, Telestax and IIT RTC Labs NG911 resources for NGPSAP Map Integration.

Hack ‘Indigital’ by Team ‘Watney’, was comprised of Corey Wysong, Luis Villaseñor Muñoz, Information Technology and Management student, James Kinney, Illinois Tech alum of Information Technology and Management, and Mark Grady. The group used resources from Dialogic and Tropo to create an IMS message center.

Matrix: Team ‘ProbatioNerds’, composed of Adnan Baleh, Caterina Lazaro, Javier Garcia, Ernesto G. Grabwosky, Sergio Gil and Marion Le Callonnec. All share custody of the Trossen Robotics HROS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton using a Matrix Mobile application to manipulate the robot through WiFi/Internet. This robot even danced the Macarena.


Carol Davids (right), professor at IIT RTC Labs, congratulates Chaz Granholm for his winning hack NGPSAP Map Integration

TADHack-mini is part of the IIT Real-Time Communications Conference which focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and next generation emergency services (NG911).  The Conference and Expo was held at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on October 6-8, 2015. More details can be found here.