Title IX Preventive Educational Training from Everfi

We are committed to supporting every member of the Illinois Tech community with a safe, healthy, and fair work environment that is designed to provide equal opportunities to excel, free of bias and discrimination. To achieve this goal, we are committed to providing continued training and education.

The Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act requires that institutions provide annual awareness and prevention training to the campus community. This year we are offering online Title IX training modules through Everfi from February 10–April 10, 2020, in an effort to ensure that all faculty and staff members are equipped to address sexual misconduct concerns.

These training practicums will be available after the Title IX Office provides you with a link, via your Illinois Tech email. The subject line of the Everfi email will be: “Illinois Institute of Technology has Assigned You Training.” You will be able to login to access the practicums by using your Illinois Tech credentials. The training will be supported by a series of in-person debriefing sessions in March and April.

We believe that the universities and workplaces of the future will be what Illinois Tech has always been: a collaboration of those who have inventive minds, empathetic hearts, and ingenious spirits that innovate because of their different perspectives.