Traveling this summer? BCBS and Dearborn National have you covered

If you’re traveling this summer, you can feel secure knowing that our benefits plans have you covered. Read on to learn about the services available to all benefits eligible individuals, as well as those available to anyone covered under our medical plan. Don’t forget to print the informational fliers available on the HR Portal pages to take along while traveling!

For individuals covered under the medical plan: For travel out of the country, BCBS has a Global Core program which provide coverage to traveling members and their families. BCBS advises members contact them prior to travel so they can assist in providing information and finding providers based on where the member is traveling. There is a Global Core flier available on the HR Portal Health benefits page for members to print and take with them when they travel.
For travel within the United States, members can simply log in to their account at and use the Find a Doctor or Hospital tool to bring up in-network providers in their current location. Members can also call Member Services using the number on the back of their ID cards for assistance.
For all benefits eligible employees (who are all covered under our group life plan): Our life insurance carrier has a Travel Assist program which provides medical evacuation services in the event an individual needs to get back to the U.S. in a medical emergency. A flier is available on the HR Portal Life Insurance benefits page.
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