Twitch@Illinois Tech: Streaming 101

Illinois Tech Esportsesports-cover-photo.png is excited and honored to host Twitch representatives and you at a community-learning conference on Saturday, July 20 on Mies Campus, where we hope to encourage more conversations about gaming, the streamer lifestyle, and many prominent issues that impact the esports community. Our hope is to have a day of stimulating discussion where both high school and college students, active streamer/esports enthusiasts, and parents interested in their student’s passions will be able to interact with one another.

As one of the older collegiate esports organizations on the scene, Illinois Tech Esports (ITE) holds a unique position, where a majority of its events and decisions are solely led by student initiatives. The creation of our esports center on campus, housing 14 Alienware setups, an Oculus VR setup, and various consoles and TVs, was made possible through multiple conversations with school administration and students working together. Budgeting, coordinating, and designing tasks/roles are created and monitored by students. It is a truly collaborative environment where students of all majors work together alongside direct input from Illinois Tech faculty and professionals in the industry. We hope that this event will not only show you a firsthand experience of life as a streamer/gamer but also the unique culture that ITE fosters through an experience characterized by educational and meaningful opportunities.

Registration is FREE! Additional details such as sample schedule(s) and room locations are available on the website. Please note that the schedule is tentative pending approval from Twitch. Our hope is that this event allows guests of all levels of experience take away something from this event!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Illinois Tech Esports team with any questions, concerns, or feedback. For more than five years, ITE has been an exceptional and momentous experience for students around the world. Whether this is your first look at esports or not, we look forward to welcoming you this summer!

Important Dates


June 17: Registration Opens

Monday, July 15: Registration Due Date (soft deadline)

Saturday, July 20: Conference at Wishnick Hall Auditorium on Mies Campus (see campus map here). Check-in will begin at 9:30 a.m. The main event will begin at 10 a.m.



Once more, attendance at this event is FREE. Lunch will be provided courtesy of Illinois Tech’s Enrollment Office. Please register here.