Two New History Courses Offered this Fall

Check out the two new history courses—Computing in History and Disasters!—being offered this fall semester:

HIST375-01 Computing in History
This course explores the history of computing from pre-electronic calculating technology to current electronic computing and communications technology. Throughout, this course will focus on investigating the social, economic, and political contexts of achievements and developments in the history of computing, as well as the history of hardware and programming techniques. During this semester, you will learn to think critically about historical sources and analyze both primary and secondary historical materials. Your comprehension and memory of the readings will be tested on quizzes, a midterm exam, and in writing assignments. You are expected to come to class each day having done the required readings and be able to discuss them thoughtfully.

HIST380-02 Disasters!
This course investigates different disasters throughout history to show how disasters catalyze legislative and technological change. Since our understanding of what constitutes a disaster is constructed through public discourse and popular media, this class will employ a variety of media and teaching techniques. In addition to discussion, lecture, and required readings, you will watch documentaries and read news articles to piece together the histories of regulatory changes effected by disasters in the realms of power production, environmental stewardship, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, public health, reproduction, food production, and more.