U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance Speakers Captivate INTM Students at Conference

Industrial Technology & Management (INTM) students accompanied by INTM Program Director Mazin Safar attended the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance at the 30th Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Chicago Roundtable Spring Seminar in Oak Brook on Thursday, March 14. The event was packed with speakers from large and small companies in industries that included transportation, oil and gas, financial management and forecasting, automation, information and data management, and technology.

Students attended seminars on topics such as “U.S. Trade Surplus”, “Homecoming for U.S. Manufacturing”, “Technology/ Innovation”, “Supply Chain/Risk: Resiliency in Network Design”, “The Dynamics of Site Selection: How global and domestic trends are altering the location decisions of manufacturers”, and more. There was also a session on “Workforce Development: Education and Training for the Future of Manufacturing” that focused on the skills needed for a manufacturing career. Professor Safar commented that “this was a great day for learning, networking, and making valuable connections that will enhance the educational experience for students in the INTM program”.