Union Board Wins Regional Award for MTCC Late Niite

Union Board earned a prize for the spring late night event MTCC Late Niite as the most Outstanding Late Night/Alternative Program for large budget organizations in the Mid-America region during the National Association of Campus Activities Mid-America’s regional conference which was held from November 7-9 in Peoria.

This award is presented to a program from a member institution that took place late night (after 9 pm) on a Friday or Saturday. This may be a series or individual program, but the focus of the program should have been as an alternative to drinking on campus. The program was judged on the following criteria:

• Effective use of available resources (financial, human, logistical)
• Evidence of an effort to encourage participation in and promote and market the series/program to the student population (posters, newspaper ad/articles, etc.)
• Creativity involved in the creation of and the achievements or successes of the program as determined by the stated goals of the programming board.
• Involvement of students in the planning and implementation of the series/program.
• The level to which the program relates to the specific award category (low-budget, diversity, etc.), and if the series/program met the criteria for that category.

In addition, Union Board was nominated for several programs for the awards, including the traditional Homecoming Carnival, the collaboration event Paint IIT Pink, and the Sweet and Sour Banquet Hour. IIT competed against Illinois State University and Eastern Illinois University.  This award is the first Union Board has won at NACA-Mid- America, although it is only the second year they have nominated any programs.