US–Israel Binational Science Foundation Deadlines Postponed

Please be advised that the deadline for submitting applications to the Regular Research Grant program of the US–Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) has been postponed from November 18 to December 9. Given the difference in time zones, OSRP will submit any completed proposals no later than December 8, 2020, 5 p.m. 

The BSF Research Grants program is the main program of the BSF, and it funds both U.S. and Israeli scientists who wish to work together. In recent years the BSF has been receiving some 400 research grant applications annually, including start-up applications, approving about 100. At any given moment there are around 450 active grants in this program, and the total annual expenditure in this program is around $16 million.

Applications to the program are made jointly by U.S. and Israeli researchers. No prior cooperation is required, but the synergy between the researchers must be evident. Also, as you might imagine, the BSF is different from a national science foundation, and insists not only on scientific excellence, but also on cooperation between the principal investigators from the two countries. We base our evaluation of the cooperation, first and foremost, on the joint publications that emanated from the grant. Lack of joint publications might affect your chances to receive future BSF grants.

If you are interesting in applying for this funding opportunity, please start a routing sheet as soon as possible. As a reminder, proposals must be completed and submitted to OSRP at least two business days prior to the deadline set by the sponsor. If you should have any questions, please contact OSRP.