Virtual Summit: Equitable Primary Care in the Community

Join a panel of experts for the launch of the Rush-IIT ID Action Lab project on equitable health care on September 28 from 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

Panelists with direct experience in the community or designing community programs will discuss the challenges of primary care in Chicago’s most at-risk communities, including what’s missing from primary care today and ways to build community trust.


  • Kim Erwin, co-director, Rush-ID collaboration
  • Santosh Basapur, co-director, Rush-ID collaboration

Panelists include:

  • Kim Jay, Senior Community Health Worker Consultant and Trainer, Sinai Urban Health Institute
  • Angela Moss, Assistant Dean of Faculty Practice, College of Nursing at Rush University, and director of Rush’s nurse-managed community clinics
  • Chris Rudd, Clinical Professor of Community-driven Design, IIT Institute of Design, and Founder, ChiByDesign
  • Leana Lopez, Director of Behavioral Health and Community Programs, Medical Home Network

To register for the virtual summit, click here.

Learn more about the Rush-ID collaboration.

About the Action Lab

Leveraging ID’s expertise in systems design and human-centered design, the Action Lab undertakes a specific challenge (e.g., sustainable development, equitable healthcare, just policymaking) and creates a consortium that works cooperatively to produce new, actionable knowledge to address that challenge. By bringing communities, stakeholders, and experts together, we synthesize shared value solutions to maximize collective action and acceptance.