Volunteer Opportunities Available With IIT Boeing Scholars Academy

The Illinois Institute of Technology Boeing Scholars Academy needs volunteers to assist with its programs which will host 111 scholars. ​The IIT Boeing Scholars Academy is a ​free, two-year academic enrichment program that inspires high-achieving Chicago-area high school students to make a difference in their communities through STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and to pursue higher education. ​

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities, especially the Project Mentor role, which is a year-long commitment. Interested participants should visit tinyurl.com/iitboevolunteer14 for more detailed information and indicate volunteering interests:

PROJECT MENTORS – (10-month [July-April] commitment)
Eligibility: Adult professionals with a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience.
This is a 10-month volunteering position that involves guiding a team of IIT Boeing Scholars as they endeavor to make a positive impact on their communities. It is a highly rewarding opportunity to work closely with and make an impact on Chicago youth. For more information and additional eligibility requirements, please visit the website (http://blogs.iit.edu/boeing_scholars/getinvolved/become-a-project-mentor).
**Prospective mentors are strongly encouraged to attend the Mentor Match event from 5-7 pm on Monday, July 21.**

SUMMER FIELD TRIP VOLUNTEERS – (July 3 and/or July 16)
Eligibility: College students (18+) and older.
Individuals are needed to chaperone high school Scholars on half-day (4 hours) or day-long (8 hours) local field trips. Chaperones will be responsible for aiding Program Instructors (summer program staff) or IIT staff in getting students to and around field trip locations in a timely manner. Lunch and transportation costs will be covered by the program.

CAREER EXPLORATION PANEL – (Monday, July 14, 3:30-5pm)
Eligibility: Adult professionals, faculty, or graduate students.
Chicago area professionals are welcomed from diverse fields to share their experiences with the scholars at the Career Exploration Panel discussion.

Eligibility: College students and older.
Volunteers are welcome who are comfortable reading and providing constructive criticism on short essays written by high school students who are preparing to apply to college.

Eligibility: College students and older.
Volunteers will read and help students revise college application essays, give feedback about their descriptions of extracurricular activities, help students research different schools, and give general college preparation advice. Multiple 2-3 hour workshops, at times to be announced, will be held throughout August and early September.