WebRTC and Federated Identity Tutorials Scheduled for October 5

The IIT Real Time Communications (RTC) Conference and Expo will be offering two tutorials on Monday, October 5, one day before the conference begins: a morning tutorial on WebRTC, and an afternoon tutorial on Federated Identity. The tutorials will be held in Hermann Hall, located at 3421 S. Federal in Chicago. These tutorials cover two of the most important and timely topics in real-time communications today, and are taught by leading subject-matter experts.

Attendees with full-conference registration can participate in one or both of the tutorials free of charge. If you are unable to attend the main conference, the tutorials may be purchased separately for a fee of $75. Click here to register for the tutorials, either in conjunction with a full conference pass, or on a stand-alone basis.

WebRTC Tutorial: 9 a.m.–noon

Alan Johnston, distinguished engineer, Avaya; and adjunct professor, IIT School of Applied Technology
Dan Burnett, principal, Burnett Consulting Services

Get trained on WebRTC with this hands-on course. If you have at least some background in programming or the web, we will get you started in analyzing, coding, and troubleshooting WebRTC applications. Starting with the basics, we will introduce WebRTC and show you how to setup a development environment on your PC for node.js. You will learn WebRTC APIs such as getUserMedia and RTCPeerConnection on Chrome and Firefox browsers. We will introduce media protocols such as SRTP, and NAT traversal protocols such as STUN, TURN, and ICE. You will learn how to analyze WebRTC packets using Wireshark and interpret WebRTC internal information from the browsers. We will walk you through a simple signaling channel, client-side, and server-side programming. Key topics such as security including DTLS and privacy are also covered. Learn the latest about WebRTC standards and deployments and real-world interoperability.

Federated Identity Tutorial: 1–4 p.m.

Daniel Wagner-Hall, software engineer, Matrix.org

The communications space is getting ever more fragmented, with walled gardens popping up everywhere we look. We will investigate the challenges involved with breaking down those walls and practical approaches to overcoming them. We’ll then apply some of those techniques to actually bridge several chat applications together, and discuss how to extend these further, as well as limitations we may run into. Topics will include federated consistency, identity, privacy, end-to-end encryption, open APIs, and overcoming API mismatches.

The IIT RTC Conference is a globally recognized collaborative event, where industry and academia connect. Leveraging its unique academic setting, this annual conference brings together technical professionals and business executives from the data and telecommunications industry, standards bodies, policy and regulatory institutions, and academic educators and researchers to promote an open exchange of ideas to lead future development in the rapidly changing field of real-time communications.

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