“What is Karma? (Part 2)” Krishna Talk Today (February 23)


Ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? Why we suffer? Why some days are awesome and others morose? The answer to all the above questions is karma.

Karma is one of those topics that many people know about, but few understand the intricacies of. Find out more about it in the second part of Krishna Talk on “What is Karma?” featuring esteemed speaker Nityananda Pran das on Thursday, February 23 from 7:30–9 p.m. in Wishnick Hall, Room 116. Dinner will be provided for attendees. See you there and bring your friends!

Speaker Bio:

His Grace Nityananda Pran das is a practicing Bhakti Yogi and Vedic scholar. Since 2003, he has been actively influencing the lives of many, especially the youth in the Chicagoland area. He is regularly invited by educational institutions like Illinois Tech, Northwestern University, UIC, and Purdue University to speak on topics based on the Vedic worldview. Prior to taking up a Vedic lifestyle on the path of self-realization, he spent over 16 years in the field of marketing and market research, working for Nielsen, one of the top market research firms in the world. Over the past years, some of his speaking themes ranged from the nature and dynamics of relationships to developing a thoughtful approach to education, the environment, and living in harmony with nature. He received an MBA from Oklahoma State University and a Master’s in Market Research from the University of Georgia following his move to the United States from India in 1995. He is currently involved with multiple non-profit organizations including the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).