WISER Announces Cross-Disciplinary Seed Funding Grant Winner


Illinois Tech’s Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) has announced the FY 2020/2021 Cross-disciplinary Seed Funding Grants (CSFG) program award winner. Initiated in 2009, the CSFG program is designed to provide funding for a one-year period to support and enhance new and innovative cross-disciplinary research concepts that are expected to attract major external funding in areas of national interest related to energy and sustainability. The following proposal topic/researchers was selected for funding:

PI: Mohammad Heidarinejad (CAEE), Brent Stephens (CAEE), Martin Felsen (ARCH)
Project Title: “An Incremental Design Approach for Culture Preservation and Energy Conservation of Historic Buildings Using Personal Comfort Systems”

With the addition of this new award, a total of 29 projects will have been conducted to-date under the auspices of the WISER CSFG Program. The FY 21 project is funded for one year and will be completed by May 31, 2021.