Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program Call for Nominations

The Zuckerman Faculty Scholars Program funds leading researchers and supports the purchase and construction of laboratories and specialized equipment. The program facilitates the return of the best and brightest Israeli scholars to Israeli institutions, cultivates world class scientific talent, and in turn, creates a cycle of excellence.

Since 2016, 30 Zuckerman faculty scholars – each returning to Israel from the US – have been awarded the Zuckerman Faculty Scholarship, which provides resources to establish their own STEM lab at one of seven Israeli universities. In 2022, an additional seven faculty scholars will be recruited to return to Israel from the US and will receive this prestigious scholarship, which is jointly supported by Israel’s Council for Higher Education.

Please contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs at osrp@iit.edu for help with your proposal and to submit at least five days prior to the sponsor deadline.