2021 Tuition Exchange Winners

This year, Illinois Tech was happy to be able to offer all eligible employees who submitted an application a chance at a Tuition Exchange Scholarship for their dependents beginning with the 2021–2022 academic year. Congratulations to:

  • Alice Barda
  • Ada Chin
  • Ellisa Cole
  • Arvelle Drummer
  • Alexander Flueck
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Sanjiv Kapoor
  • Ramona Lewis
  • Gregory Makowski
  • Candida Miranda
  • Dana Pownall
  • Maurice Robinson
  • John Rochon
  • Gabrielle Smith
  • Zack Sullivan
  • Kelli Taylor
  • Adrian Walters
  • Rong Wang
  • Antony Wood

For more information on the Tuition Exchange program and other tuition benefits for Illinois Tech employees, visit the HR Portal Tuition Assistance page.