A Message from President Alan W. Cramb Regarding Undocumented Students at Illinois Tech

A message from Illinois Institute of Technology President Alan W. Cramb:

Last week we had the President and Provost Forum, run by the Student Government Association (SGA). It was very well attended and there were a number of excellent questions. There was one disappointing note: It was reported that on an anonymous social media site some inappropriate and disparaging remarks were posted concerning our students who may be without a recognized immigration status in our country (the term preferred by this group is undocumented students). Let me be clear, at this university we strive to have a diverse culture of unity, inclusivity, equity, and respect. My expectation is that everyone in our community should treat one another with respect and dignity regardless of gender, race, background, country of origin, religious affiliation, immigration status, orientation, or any other such descriptor. We, as a community, must be clear that it is intolerable to allow anyone to be bullied, demeaned, or shamed because of their beliefs, ideas, decisions, background, characteristics, or particular circumstances. As president I will not tolerate such behavior–and we, as a community, must not accept any behavior that violates our values. We must choose to be a caring and thoughtful community. If anyone ever feels they are being subjected to behavior that is personally concerning, I strongly urge them to contact our dean of students, a representative of the IIT Community Support Team, or our general counsel’s office.