Action Item: Upcoming Update of IIT Wireless Network-Security Certificates

The IIT-Secure and eduroam wireless networks on all Illinois Tech campuses will be updated with new security certificates on the morning of Thursday, July 2, 2020. These certificates ensure you are connected to trusted wireless networks and expire regularly to reduce the risk of our networks being compromised.

Beginning July 2, when you try to access IIT-Secure or eduroam on one of our campuses on any of your wireless devices, you will be asked to ‘accept/trust’ the new network certificate in order to establish a secure wireless connection on that device. This question is normal and expected on most devices when they are presented with a new certificate; it is similar to what you would have seen the first time you connected to the network.

Please note that for reasons of redundancy, the university has two certificates covering different parts of the campuses, so if you travel around the Mies Campus, for example, or among campuses with your wireless device, you may have to also accept the second certificate. Additionally, each of your wireless devices will need to accept/trust the new certificate(s).

If you experience any difficulties or need assistance, please contact the Office of Technology Services’ (OTS’) Support Desk by emailing or the Conviser Law Center’s IT Help Desk by emailing