AMAT Assistant Professor Petrovic Gives Six Invited Talks

Sonja Petrovic, assistant professor of applied mathematics, spoke on “Goodness of Fit for Log-Linear Network Models: Dynamic Markov Bases Using Hypergraphs” at the Workshop on Algebraic Statistics, Prague Stochastics 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic, in August. That month, she also delivered that talk at the 21st International Conference on Computational Statistics Session on Symbolic/Algebraic Methods in Computational Statistics, Geneva, Switzerland.

In October, she gave the invited talk “A Family of Statistical Models for K-Core Decompositions of Graphs” at the special session on algebraic statistics, American Mathematical Society Western Section Meeting, in San Francisco.

In November, she gave a statistics seminar, “Random Graphs and Networks: Estimation and Modeling Challenges,” for the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She will talk about the “Algebra of Hypergraphs with Applications to Statistics” at the University of Kentucky in November and “Probabilistic Method for Computational Algebra” at the Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Computational Algebraic Geometry Session, Montevideo, Uruguay, in December.