ARCH Faculty-Led Summer Programs

If you are still thinking about studying abroad with the College of Architecture faculty led programs, please complete your application!

For summer 2013, we have a new slate of programs:

Berlin Program with Professor John DeSalvo
The two course, four week, 6-credit elective curriculum will be based in Berlin, Germany, a city rich in architecture developmental history and innovation and modern international design. Travel around Germany and Denmark is included. Highlights are the modern architecture of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in Copenhagen, and tours in Germany including the work of Helmut Jahn, Coop Himmelblau, Herzog de Meuron, and Frei Otto. (Email or click the link above for more information)

iitHANSA with Professors Leslie Johnson and Lukasz Kowalczyk
Copenhagen, Malmo, Oslo, Stockholm, Turku, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Gdansk, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
June 1-30
This 6cr travel-intensive summer course set (ARCH497-Cities by the Sea and ARCH497-Sensation and Perception) will be a comparative survey of the harbor cities of the North and Baltic seas, examining the effects of vigorous maritime trade in goods, ideas, technologies and populations on urban organization and architectural strategies.These cities have for centuries been key nodes in a network of exchange, and their stories still shape the identities of entire continents. Expect striking cultural and political diversity, complex and contradictory urban forms, and wealth and ambition fueling a density of vibrant architectural experiments.
(Details to follow soon. Contact

Louis Kahn in Context with Professor Colleen Humer
May 13 – June 3
Cost: Tuition + (budget still in progress)
Using the works of Louis Kahn as a focus, two 3-credit architecture electives, Arch 456 – Kahn in Context and Arch 497 – Representation and Light, will be offered in the interim term. The history, theory and praxis of one of the foremost practitioners of modern architecture will be experienced in situ. Students will embark on a road trip from Chicago to the Northeastern part of the US, visiting key works of Kahn and his contemporaries along the way. A satellite trip to Dallas, Texas, to visit the Kimball Museum is also planned. IIT Assistant Studio Professor Colleen Humer and IIT Adjunct Associate Professor Amanda Williams will lead the program.
(Contact for more information)

Italy: Mapping the Piazza with Professor Timothy Brown
May 19 – June 1
Cost: $900
The trip will be aimed at studying and mapping a group of civic spaces that have played important roles in the development of our notions about public space, civic space, and urban design. The Italian piazza, especially those of central Italy, is a unique and very particular type of urban place. It is different than many of the roughly synonymous urban spaces we usually associate with it such as a platz or square or plaza.
(Email or click the link above for more information.)

International Design Workshop in Santiago, Chile with Professor Susan Conger-Austin
August 8 – 16
Approximate cost: $2000, depending on airfare
The main objective of the workshop is to create an experience of international teamwork and development based around a particular architectonic theme. Students do not receive academic credit for this workshop – however, the experience is great as students from foreign universities work together on teams in a studio setting to develop and generate proposals. In the past 3 workshops, the students worked on a master plan to provide housing and civic amenities to one of the coastal towns devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of 2010, analyzing and developing strategies on how to integrate the Mapocho River, and transforming a former industrial space into new public amenity for the city of Valparaiso, Chile.

Some programs are considering cancellation due to low enrollment. Don’t let your program get cancelled before you even submit your application!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ashley Sinclair at Start your application here!