Architecture Professor Robert Krawczyk’s Work to be Featured at “Distinguishable From Magic” exhibit at the SciArt Center of New York

Architecture Professor Robert Krawczyk has been selected for the “Distinguishable From Magic” exhibit at the SciArt Center of New York and will be featured in February 2016 issue of SciArt in America. Five pieces from his Strange Attractor series are included.


Strange attractors generate repeating point patterns in two-dimensional space while their coloring algorithms, which represent time, produce images of coherent three-dimensional forms. The third dimension is determined by the perception of the viewer coupled with the created intent. The forms include a X-ray view into their imaginary core. The swirling patterns gently display possible subsurface structures that cannot be logically followed through any dimension. Dimensions become ambiguous as your perception attempts to combine the individual points so they complete a whole. Many of these are inspired from natural forces such as, wind and water, or earthen formations. For example, the “Stone” series explores the possible patterns in nature that are not visible to us; the smoldering images smoke. All of these images were created algorithmically using a series of related strange attractor equations with coloring schemes that bring out the time element of the computational process. Each was developed by the computation of five-to-15 million points.