Architecture to Host Passive House Training Sessions

IIT College of Architecture will host a North American Passive House Consultant Training session in early 2012. The course consists of two training sessions (January 3-7 and February 8-11) where attendees will learn the principles and tools of passive energy design and consulting.

The course will train and enable participants to put measurable and verifiable very low energy metric and holistic systems design into practice to design highly comfortable, very low energy buildings with exceptional indoor air quality at an affordable cost. Energy, design, engineering, construction and other related professionals will be provided with the skills necessary to design and consult on certifiable building projects that meet the Passive House Building Energy Standard for all climate zones of North America. After passing a final exam administered at the end of the sessions, participants earn the professional designation “Certified Passive House Consultant, NaCPHC.”

Visit the Passive House website for more information and to register.