Avoiding Plagiarism: what do you need to cite?

Attend a session on Thursday, April 19 from 3:15 – 3:50 pm in the Galvin Library’s Library Learning Center (lower level) to learn more about citations and plagiarism.

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1. Which of the following is considered plagiarism? (Choose all that apply)
A. Change a few words in a sentence and use it as your own
B. Quote a sentence or phrase with a citation
C. Piece together ideas from more than one source without citing them
D. Submit a paper you bought online
E. Use someone else’s ideas in your paper

2. Which of the following is never part of a citation? (Choose all that apply)
A. Author’s last name
B. Title of the article or book
C. Title of the journal
D. Author’s date of birth
E. Page numbers

What kind of information do you need to cite? What don’t you need to cite? How do professors check plagiarism?

Do you know answers to these questions? If not, then this class is perfect for you. In this class, we will use real-world examples to answer all these questions. Bring your own questions about plagiarism if you have any.

Questions about this session? Ask a librarian.