Banner Self Service Version 9 Coming Soon

Illinois Tech will be transitioning from Banner version 8 to Banner version 9 during the 2020 academic year. Banner Self Service version 9 will offer many incentives such as reduced need for major upgrades, more efficient patching, and an altogether new look and feel that is much more user-friendly.

You may recall a similar transition that was completed last year which was Banner Administration Pages (formerly known as INB). This is Banner Self Service, which includes modules such as Student Self Service, Employee Self Service, Financial Aid and Student Registration.

As the upgrade progresses, OTS looks forward to sharing more information with the Illinois Tech community about Banner Self Service version 9. We plan to do a phased release with only 1-2 modules upgrading on any given weekend. Please keep an eye out in Illinois Tech Today for more details on the upcoming release schedule as well as training materials.