Beware of Phishing Attempts

IIT has recently received a series of phishing and spam messages that appearĀ as if they were sent by the Office of Technology Services (OTS).

For future reference, OTS would never ask for sensitive information, such as your password, in an email. If this information is needed, OTS will contact you directly.

These emails titled Urgent Upgrade, Over Mail Quota, etc., are phishing emailsĀ that are not sent by OTS. OTS has applications to scan the email environment to avoid letting these types of messages through, but sometimes these messages do slip by those filters.

The anti-spam software that OTS utilizes is Google’s and Google controls all spam/virus live definition updates, which has real time interaction with the email environment. Follow the following steps to report spam to Google so that they can add the email address to their spam definition:

1. In Google Webmail, you can select the message (check mark on the left or open the message).
2. Click the Mark As Spam icon (looks like a stop sign with an exclamation mark at the center).

For further assistance, please contact the OTS Support Desk at 312.567.3375 or by email at