Campus Telephone E911 Feature Goes Live on December 11

As the Office of Technology Services (OTS) continues to upgrade and improve Illinois Tech’s voice services, we wish to share another important feature of the new telephone system.

Beginning December 11, all 911 calls that originate from an Illinois Tech campus phone on any of the university’s four campuses will benefit from an enhanced “E911” feature.

Specifically, if someone calls 911 from a campus phone, the system will simultaneously deliver the call to the emergency dispatch center and alert the university’s Public Safety team of the emergency call, providing the officer on duty with information about the caller’s precise location.  In addition, the Public Safety officer will have the option to listen in on the 911 call and be able to offer assistance to either party on the call, if needed, while the call is in progress. This will be especially helpful in situations in which the caller is incoherent or unable to speak.