College of Architecture Pro. Robert Krawczyk in Winter Exhibits


College of Architecture Pro. Robert Krawczyk’s two pieces from the 3D printed, metallic plastic, Containing Air, Exploring Structure series are included in the “Handmade By Robots” exhibition at the Northeastern Illinois University’s Salme Harju Fine Arts Center Gallery, Chicago, IL. Exhibit is from November 4–27, 2019 with the opening on Friday, November 15. This series explores a diagrid structural system approach for a simple container based on a complex curve that contains nothing.

The laser cut wood piece Framing the Prairie Wind was selected for the “Constructed Visions”, 2019 Chicago Sculpture International Exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, IL. Exhibit is from November 15, 2019 to January 3, 2020, with the opening on November 15. This laser cut piece is part of larger series investigating the structural patterns produced by a simple member being rotated incrementally over a square grid.

A 3D printed, sandstone, Cellular Automata Rings is included in the 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibition of Mathematical Art, held January 15–18, 2020 in Denver, CO. This exhibit is part of the annual convention of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. This sculptural series is based on collecting the history of each cellular automata generation then vertically overlaying and interlocking them.

A group of laser cut wood sleeves over a glass votive, Random Votives, will be included in the Fine Line Art Center Holiday Craft exhibition, from December 4–14, at the Fine Line Art Gallery in St. Charles, IL.  This series uses a random based algorithm for the placement or orientation of basic shapes that include squares, rectangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds, polygons, and sticks; offset location and rotation can be randomly varied.