College of Architecture Professor to Lead Studio to Design Bronzeville Dream Center

In spring 2016 Eva Kultermann, professor, Illinois Tech College of Architecture, will lead a studio to design the build-out of 4522-326 South Cottage Grove, the future home of The Bronzeville Dream Center. The center was established by Pastor Chris Harris of Bright Star Church to provide a new approach to combat violence and offer counseling and support to avert conflict.

The Bronzeville Dream Center was launched in September 2014 and included partners Bright Star Community Outreach, Northwestern Medicine, University of Chicago Medicine, and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. Supported by the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and two dozen faith leaders, the partners began two years of data gathering, implementation, oversight and evaluation. Organizers have surveyed Bronzeville residents to identify health and behavioral issues that may contribute to violence.

IIT Architecture Chicago, located in Bronzeville, is uniquely positioned to design a space that helps the organizers offer their services to the community in a healthy, effective, productive environment. Kultermann’s studio will offer a complete survey of the site, of the organization’s goals (organizational, image, functional and economic) and will then work in teams to offer design solutions. The designs will be presented to the Bronzeville Dream Center leadership who will then decide which of the designs best meets the needs of the community. IIT Architecture is committed to making a difference in our shared neighborhood of Bronzeville and promoting an enduring partnership that offers solutions to violence in our community.

A fundraiser will be held on Sunday, January 17 from 3 -7 p.m. at 115 Bourbon Street (3359 West 115th Street, Merrionette Park, Ill.) to help underwrite the cost of acquiring and building out the site. At the fundraiser, IIT Architecture Dean Wiel Arets and Kultermann will make a special announcement underscoring our commitment to our Bronzeville neighborhood and Bronzeville Dream Center.


Future site of Bronzeville Dream Center



Rodney Carter, Jr. of Bright Star Community Outreach and Eva Kultermann