Commencement Day Of Instructions for Students

Commencement is just a few days away. Here are some important instructions that you should follow in order to make your Commencement day run smoothly.

Still Need Your Cap and Gown?
Students who did not attend Graduate Salute should report to The McCormick Tribune Campus Center located at 3201 S. State Street (MTCC) the morning of Commencement, Saturday, May 13, between 7:30–9 a.m. to pick up their cap and gown, located in the southeast corner of the building next to the IIT Bookstore. Illinois Tech volunteers will help you find this area of the building. Students will begin lining up for the Opening Ceremony at 9:15 a.m. to process from The MTCC to the baseball field.

If you need to exchange any portion of your regalia that you received at Graduate Salute (tassel, master’s hood color, etc.) please be sure to arrive to The MTCC during the 7:30–9 a.m. timeframe.

Already Have your Cap and Gown and Guest Tickets
Students who picked up their regalia (cap and gown) and guest tickets at Graduate Salute need to arrive at The MTCC no later than 9 a.m. to put on their gowns and assemble in lines to march to the baseball field. Students will be lining up in groups based on the college from which they are graduating. Click here to see where in The MTCC you will be lining up.

If you have already picked up your regalia, please remember to bring it with you to Commencement.

Please be sure to distribute your tickets to your guests prior to the Opening Ceremony and Academic Unit Ceremonies. Remind your guests that they will need tickets to attend both events. Only graduating students may enter The MTCC.

If you did not attend Graduate Salute and have not received your tickets from your college you must pick up your tickets in The MTCC prior to the Opening Ceremony. Tables for each Academic Ceremony will be located near the bookstore to pick up your tickets.

Family members and guests are encouraged to go to the baseball field as soon as they arrive to campus and have their tickets. They will not be allowed inside The MTCC. The gates on the baseball field will open at 8 a.m. and will close by 9:55 a.m. for the student procession. The event will begin by 10 a.m. Any guest who arrives late will be allowed onto the field once the national anthem is sung as long as they have a ticket to enter.

It is very important that you are checked in and fully dressed in the appropriate regalia well before the beginning of the Opening and Academic Unit Ceremonies. For more information about how to wear your regalia properly, click here.

All on-campus parking lots will be available for parking except some reserved spaces in the A4 visitors’ lot north of the MTCC and the A2 lot, which is reserved for volunteers. Click here to see where all parking lots are available.

Please note, the opening ceremony and the Armour Academic Unit Ceremony will be held outside on the baseball field, rain or shine. Please be sure that you and your guests dress accordingly for the weather. Your guests are allowed to bring umbrellas, water bottles, coffee, sunscreen, etc. – dress and prepare for an outdoor event. Register for IIT Alert for updates regarding a weather delay to the ceremony here.

Thank you for your corporation. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 13.