Congratulations to the 2020 Staff Excellence Award Winners and Nominees


Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Staff Excellence Awards. Awards were presented to the following recipients in a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, December 15. If you missed the presentation, you can view it anytime here.

Over 50 nominations were submitted by faculty, staff, and students. With so many examples of incredibly valuable contributions made by Illinois Tech staff members, the committee charged with choosing this year’s winners had a very difficult time. Thank you to everyone who made a nomination submission!

Implementing Innovative Solutions to Improve the Efficiency of University Operations: Anthoula Lagunas
Nominated by Nick Menhart.

Developing Innovative Solutions that Improve the Experience of Illinois Tech Students or Alumni: The COVID-19 Tech Teams

Mies Campus: Nominated by Eric Breese.
Shadi Beidas
Andrew Braden
Rich Ciurej
Ian Hernandez
Louis McHugh
Jamal Mousa
Jhirmack Paul
Ruth Rodriguez

Conviser Law Center: Nominated by Jean Wenger.
Emily Barney
Debbie Ginsberg
Susan Jadin
Sejal Vaishnav

Developing an Innovative Contribution to Support Excellence in Teaching and Research: Richard Heurich
Nominated by Carlo Segre.

Addressing Issues Related to Diversity, Identity, Inclusion, and Other Social Justice Topics: Alicia Bunton
Nominated by Jess Goode.

The Office of Human Resources would also like to recognize the individuals listed below who were nominated this year:

Anna Adamson
Curt Allee
Rosa Alvarado
Arielle Augustyn
Deena Awad
Brian Bailey
Alicia Barnes
Andrea Barnwell
Hannah Belshee
Peter Beltemacchi
Scott Benbrook
Rachelle Bresnahan
Benito Bozzetti
Eric Breese
Callie Brown
Adrian Bucurica
Rudi Buford
Julia Arnopp Burns
Adrian Cabrera
Alexander Camp
Robert Cantu
Jack Chiu
Andrew Connor
Deirdre Crimmins
Samantha Deleon
Jake DiGregorio
Olivia Dimmer
Arveal Drummer
Alfredo Estrada
David Ettinger
Helen Ezenwa
Marcia Faye
Maya Franklin
Upendra Gandhi
Joseph Goforth
Juan Gonzalez
Andrea Hall
Khalid Hankins
Gail Harder
Melissa Hayne Loretto
Gladis Herst
Rachel Hirsch
Brian Hogan
Rosalind Hosea
Junzi Hou
Russ Janota
Neal Jeffery
Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson
Babar Kamran
Patrick Karnia
John Kazibut
Tejeswini KC
Tracy Kish
Sean Knight
Robert Lapointe
Robert LeBeau
Howard Lee
Scott Lewis
Lihua (Cindy) Liu
Jamie Loo
Greg Makowski
Rishab Malhotra
Diana Martinez
Jeanette Massura
Linsey Maughan
Molly McDermott
Michael Miller
Casey Moffitt
Ariana Monroe
Denise Moriarty
Alessandra Norman
Anna Olsztynska
Oluwakemi Onajole
Miguel Ortiz
Ibukun Oyewole
Domenica Pappas
Susan Parpart
Sarah Parro
Christine Provost
Viktoria Rill
Krista Roble
Rocio Rodriguez
Travis Rothe
Dana Royal
Snow Rutkowske
Marty Schalm
Ann Scorza
Charles Scott
Nadine Scott
Kristin Shields
Ashanda Simmons
Brandi Spraggins
Yulia Thonippara
Omkar Todkar
Cynthia Torres
Abigail Vargas
Ozzie Velarde
Rakesh Venkatesan
Gary Walley
Madelyn Walsh
Darla Ware
Chapin Wehde
Courtney Widman
Melodee Wricks
Andrew Wyder