Connect to IIT-Secure Wireless on Main Campus

OTS is in the process of upgrading the wireless infrastructure on Main Campus to a secure network that protects users by encrypting all data sent between their device and wireless access points. In early 2013, OTS will retire the non-encrypted “IIT-WiFi” wireless network.

This new encrypted wireless network, “IIT-Secure”, is currently available in most Main Campus buildings in addition to the non-encrypted “IIT-WiFi” network; refer to the campus wireless map for current coverage information. OTS recommends that users begin using “IIT-Secure” wherever it is available.

An online tool to automatically set up laptops and other mobile devices to use “IIT-Secure” can be accessed here.

Directions to manually configure laptops and other mobile devices for “IIT Secure” can be found here.

Access to “IIT-Secure” is limited to members of the IIT community. Users must authenticate with your IIT email address and myIIT password the first time they connect to the secure wireless network.

If your device does not support WPA2 Enterprise wireless or if you have any other questions about secure wireless, please contact the OTS Support Desk at 312.567.3375, or visit