Connect to the IIT Secure Wireless Network

The Office of Technology Services is updating Main Campus wireless access to take advantage of current encryption methods for the safety and security of our community. This February, OTS will begin retiring the non-encrypted IIT-WiFi wireless network, leaving the IIT-Secure network available. The IIT-Secure wireless network can be used in most Main Campus buildings; check the campus wireless map for coverage information.

OTS recommends that users begin using IIT-Secure wherever it is available.

The simplest way to connect your computer or mobile device to IIT-Secure is to select IIT-Guest in the list of available wireless networks on your device. You will be directed to a configuration webpage with a link to XpressConnect, a tool to assist users in setting up the encrypted wireless connection. Once the device is set up to use secure wireless, make sure IIT-Secure is the preferred wireless network on your device.

When the IIT-WiFi network is removed from service, users who are not using IIT-Secure will be automatically directed to the configuration page when they use a Web browser. Internet access will be limited to certain on-campus resources until the user has transitioned to IIT-Secure. Following a transition period, IIT-WiFi will be removed entirely. In areas where IIT-Secure is not available, continue to use “iit” until the wireless is upgraded.

Contact with any questions.