CVS Pharmacy Network Information for Illinois Tech Health Plan Members

As a reminder, CVS/Caremark became Illinois Tech’s pharmacy vendor for all health plan members effective January 1, 2019. All health plan members should have received new BCBS and CVS ID cards. Additional ID cards can be obtained by calling BCBS and/or CVS, or be logging in to your account with each vendor. Contact information is on the HR Portal Health Benefits page. Temporary CVS ID cards are available on the page as well.

Additionally, some members have reached out with concerns over the CVS network as they have not been able to find their pharmacies in CVS’ network.  To clarify, the CVS network contains most major pharmacies including Walgreens, Cosco, Target, Osco, etc. If you are having trouble finding your local pharmacy, here are some tips:

  • Register and login at Searching for your pharmacy once logged in will ensure that you are searching the correct network.
  • Double check the name of your pharmacy (e.g. Jewel-Osco’s pharmacy’s name is simply Osco).
  • Call CVS customer service for assistance. Contact information is on the HR Portal Health Benefits page.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Human Resources at or Viktoria Rill directly at