CVS Prescription Coverage: Why Did My Copay Increase?

With the transition to CVS Caremark for prescription drug coverage, the Office of Human Resources has been receiving feedback that some copay amounts seem to have increased without any logic. For example, a medication that used to cost the member $4 suddenly costs $40, or one that used to cost $6 now costs $20.

Through working with our account management team at CVS, we have learned that many of these medications may have had manufacturer coupons or discount copay cards applied without the member realizing it. Fortunately, CVS Customer Care is available to assist our members with finding and applying any discounts that may exist for their medications. Contact information for CVS is available on the HR Portal Health benefits page, or on the back of your CVS Caremark ID card.

For medications for which a coupon or copay discount is not available, members may wish to look into the 90-Day Benefits for both cost savings and convenience.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Viktoria Rill at or x73353.