State of the Practice: 2013-2014 Digital Humanities Speaker Series

The 2013-2014 Digital Humanities Speaker¬†Series will be held on Wednesdays from 3:15-5pm in the Siegel Hall conference room (SH 218) this fall and spring. This year’s theme is “State of the Practice.”

What does it mean to be a digital humanist today? Humanists from multiple fields and professions often have identities primarily defined by older or more specific disciplinary categories. But at the same time, these scholars are using digital humanities tools and techniques to research, teach, and learn. The series will focus on allowing practitioners from inside and outside of IIT to share hands-on examples and practical insights about what the digital humanities means and what unique value may be found in digital humanities currently.

Wednesday, September 11: Northwestern University Digital Scholarship Library Fellow Josh Honn will speak about tools and tool usage.

Wednesday, October 23: IIT Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Digital Communications Carly Kocurek will discuss digital humanities in the classroom.

Wednesday, November 13: Lewis Department of Humanities Chair Maureen Flanagan and Humanities Professor Margaret Power will discuss projects with undergraduates and the Chicago community.