Benjamin Stark’s Positive Influence Recognized by IIT Athletic Community

This week’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) distinguished Scarlet Hawk is Benjamin Stark, professor of biology and associate dean for research. He has been an important part of the IIT community for 32 years and has spent his time teaching, conducting research, as well as supporting IIT athletics. He has taught both undergraduates and graduates in the Biology Department in subjects such as genetics and microbiology. In his microbiology research lab, his work includes genetically engineering bacteria to perform tasks more effectively. He has also had the opportunity to hold the position of the Associate Chair for the Biology Department.

Stark, who was recently named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), has enjoyed his time at IIT thus far and says that his experienced coworkers and passionate students are what has made his time here memorable. His favorite memory has been getting the chance to work with other researchers internationally and having the opportunity to travel to India through his work in microbiological research.

Stark is also a huge fan and supporter of IIT athletics. Due to his love for sports, he appreciates the commitment and the passion that IIT athletes have for their teams. He is also still an avid runner himself. Helping IIT athletics in whatever way possible, Stark has shown his support and dedication, and we are proud and thankful for the work he has done! Thank you for being an important and supportive member of the IIT Community.