FDSN New Online Summer Course “FdSN 412: Preservation Processing”

The Food Science and Nutrition Department is happy to announce our new summer course “FdSN 412: Preservation Processing.” This is an elective course for both “Food Safety and Technology” and “Food Process Engineering” majors. Students who are pursuing the “Food Process Engineering” degree program can use this course instead of a chemical/environmental engineering elective. The course will meet only online on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:50 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. The CRN for the course is 35379 and it is available for registration right now. The course will start on May 31 and end on July 23.

This course will cover the fundamental aspects of food preservation, various methods used in food preservation, and engineering calculations related to preservation processing. Perishability of different categories of food products, shelf life, microbial growth and spoilage in foods; Principles of mass and energy balance, heat transfer, and fluid flow; preservation by heat (canning, blanching, pasteurization); preservation by additives (chemical preservatives, antimicrobials, bio preservatives), preservation by pH (addition of acids, fermentation), novel methods of food preservation; preservation by temperature reduction (freezing, refrigeration); thermal process engineering calculations; preservation by water activity (dehydration, drying, evaporation, the addition of salt or sugar); preservation by other conventional methods (smoking, pickling, etc.); food packaging as a preservation aid; preservation by novel food processing technologies; special considerations for the preservation of various food products; validation of preservation.

Additional course questions can be directly to Kathiravan Krishnamurthy Clinical Assistant Professor via email at kkrishn2@iit.edu
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