Financial Wellness Workshop November 14: Identity Theft

Human Resources is pleased to present a series of Financial Wellness courses, made possible by Illinois Tech’s partnership with PNC Bank. The final course of 2023, Identity Theft, will take place virtually at noon on November 14.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how identity thieves can steal your personal information and what’s at risk when they do. We’ll look at examples of different types of scams — including phishing, phone, and elder fraud scams — show you how to spot them and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. And if your identity is compromised, we’ll show you what to do next to repair the damage.

You can register for the session by clicking here.

PNC will continue to host quarterly Financial Wellness presentations in 2024. Watch Illinois Tech Today for more information on future sessions!

PNC WorkPlace Banking® is presenting this Financial Wellness Workshop series. PNC WorkPlace Banking can help improve your financial wellness with access to PNC products, tools, resources and financial specialists. The PNC WorkPlace Banking program also includes certain offers and rewards for employees on select financial products and services, and helps make banking easy and convenient through onsite or virtual sessions with a dedicated team of PNC WorkPlace Banking consultants.