Food Science Summer Courses

Registration is now open for the following Department of Food Science and Nutrition summer courses.

FDSN 201: Health and Wellness

Discover how your diet and lifestyle impact your health and wellness. This online course introduces basic principles of nutrition and the nutrition profession, including the biological uses of nutrients and tools for dietary planning and assessment. Topics include weight management, sports nutrition, food safety, the diet-disease relationship, global nutrition, and more. Contact Britt Burton-Freeman at for more information. ā€˜Nā€™ designated, CRN 35016.

FDSN 412: Preservation Processing

Apply your engineering knowledge in the food industry through this new hybrid and online course. Learn about the perishability of different food products and how manufacturers use different technologies to preserve our food. Understand traditional technologies, such as heat, as well as novel technologies, like high pressure and pulsed light. Contact Kathiravan Krishnamurthy at for more information. CRN 35351/35352.

FDSN 504: Food Biotechnology

This summer-only online elective is an introductory course on the use of biotechnology in the food industry. It covers genetic engineering of microorganisms, the fundamentals of microbial genomics and proteomics, gene production and genomic map construction, structural and functional prediction of proteins, the application of DNA fingerprinting techniques in food safety, and more. Contact Wei Zhang for more information. CRN 35348.

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