Funding Opportunities Service Collaboration Between Paul V. Galvin Library and the Office of Research Compliance and Proposal Development

The Paul V. Galvin library has collaborated with the Office of Research Compliance and Proposal Development (ORCPD) to offer a new service at Galvin assisting researchers in identifying sources for funding and grants. We are pleased to announce that Galvin Library research librarians will now offer the following services. We will:

  • Be available to assist researchers identify funding sources for major research projects
  • Be available to assist graduate and undergraduate students identify sources for stipends, research awards, and other opportunities such as conference attendance
  • Conduct fund-seeking workshops appropriate to the various constituencies
  • Promote and support successful fund-seeking across the Illinois Tech community
  • Be available to assist faculty and early career researchers in non-STEM areas to become more active in applying for funding

Galvin research librarians, working in tandem with ORCPD’s Fund Searching Services Team (FSST), will enhance the level of fund searching assistance available for everyone in the Illinois Tech community.