Honors Law Virtual Fall Informational Session

Join Professor Matt Shapiro from Social Sciences and Professor Raff Donelson from Chicago-Kent College of Law to learn about the Honors Law Program via Zoom on Friday, September 8.

The Honors Law program can help you earn your B.S and J.D degree in as little as 6 years. Learn how successful completion of the Honors Law program with minimum GPA and minimum LSAT score guarantees your admission into Chicago-Kent College of Law.

This session will cover how to apply for the Honors Law program, hear from current Honors Law scholars, discuss pre-law advising and LSAT preparation assistance, and more.

This program is open to all students in their first or second year of study.

If interested but cannot attend the session, please email Professor Shapiro (shapiro@iit.edu) or Professor Hao Huang (hhuang8@iit.edu).