Humanities Class Project Draws Industry Attention

Four Illinois Tech students enrolled in Andrew Roback’s Introductory level Technical Communication course in the Humanities Department are generating industry attention for their class project.

Steve Burnette, Zachary Klima, Kejia Liu, and Yanhao Zhang worked on adapting an existing productivity application, Tick Tick for use in an academic setting. Tick Tick is a no cost popular to do list app with a variety of customizations and the ability to share lists with group users. The group thought the app would be useful for professors to help their students manage the heavy workload in university mathematics courses. The students wrote a proposal, developed instructions for using Tick Tick in that context, created a user experience evaluation procedure, and wrote a report outlining the history of Tick Tick in relation to other task list management apps.

Roback suggested the students contact the company. The Tick Tick development team took great interest in their project and a video the students produced for the class project.

Tick Tick is using the video on its company’s social media channels to generate interest in the app and encourage students and professors who are already signed up to use it more often.

Read more about the project here.

Watch the video here.

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