Humanities Department Now Offering Foreign Language Program

The Student Government Association (SGA) has worked for the last several years to get a foreign language program at IIT. Next semester, every student will have the option to register for the first class offered as a part of this program: COM 125: Language and Culture I.

Course Description: The first of a two-semester sequence, this course and its sequel will introduce students to a particular language and culture, which will change annually. May be repeated for different languages. This course does not satisfy the HUM 102, 104, or 106 general education requirement.
The course does fulfill communications and humanities requirements.

In it’s first two semesters, the course will be focusing on Spanish, the second semester building upon knowledge from the first.

It is essential for the continuation of this course that sufficient enrollment is maintained, so please tell anyone you know who may be interested in this class.

Contact the Department of Humanities at with any questions.