IIT Main Campus Affected By Heavy Rains and Flooding

Many of the buildings on IIT’s Main Campus were affected by the heavy rains and flooding Wednesday evening.  Public Safety and Facilities staff worked through the night assessing the damage and initiating cleanup efforts.  As of this update, the streets running through campus have been drained of most water. Classes will be held as normally scheduled today on the Main Campus, Thursday, September 19.

The following is the status of the remaining affected campus areas as of 7 am. There may still be rooms/other campus areas that experienced flooding/rain damage that have not yet been identified/reported. Please contact Public Safety/Facilities if those areas are not on the following list:

  • MTCC: water remains in the ballroom and the computer alley; cleanup is in progress.
  • Crown Hall:  the area where ceiling tiles fell is roped off and will be cleaned up this morning.
  • MSV: All of the common areas and hallways are confirmed to be dry, with the exception of damp carpets. The few rooms that were open only had wet carpets that were in the process of being “aired out”.

The following areas are being cleaned up this morning:

  • Metals Building:  water on the first floor level;
  • ERB:  water inside the north doorway;
  • 3410/3424:  water in the basement;
  • Hermann Hall:  water in the east side basement;
  • Wishnick:  water on the basement level and the 3rd floor;
  • Perlstein: water in the 2nd floor women’s restroom, in the 1st floor men’s restroom, and a basement hallway;
  • Life Science: water in the basement;
  • Keating: small puddles on the lower and upper level floors. There was no water on the basketball court.

Please continue to check IIT Today for updates. Thank you.