IIT Online Improves Streaming Course Delivery

Starting in the fall 2010 semester, IIT Online will deliver video lectures using an improved streaming architecture which will significantly enhance the user experience for students. The new architecture, which uses the browser-based Microsoft Silverlight framework, will replace the current Real Player system for delivering IIT Online streaming content. In addition to improved performance, the new system will make it easier for students to use multiple machines at different locations to view their courses without the need to install new software (especially on Windows computers using Internet Explorer).

Following successful live testing of the new system this summer, IIT Online is transitioning all online content to the new system for the fall semester.

Users will see a clear improvement in the performance of online streaming video with the new system, and relatively little is needed to insure a seamless transition. Setup will vary slightly, based on which operating system and browser is being used.

Internet Explorer on Windows Computers
IIT Online students viewing course content using Internet Explorer on a Windows system should not need to do anything. For the best performance, users may want to update Windows Media Player to the most recent version.

Mac Computers and Non-IE Browsers on Windows Computers
Those using Mac OS/X systems or using browsers other than Internet Explorer on Windows systems (Firefox, Chrome), can easily install Silverlight here.

Linux Computers
Students using Linux machines will need to install Moonlight, a Linux plugin that enables Silverlight viewing.

You can test your Silverlight installation by viewing an IIT Online test video here.

The Support Desk is available to assist if needed, contact OTS Support at 312.567.3375 or visit support.iit.edu.

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